Choose Your Color Shade

Although the best way to get 100% desired color or colors combination, is to match the manual Pantone Colors book Code but for this a customer must has physical access to that typical colors book of the similar company he is ordering to. .

However it is also possible to manage the color shade online given below but the 100% result is not guaranteed in this way.

Below are the color shades of our latest running machines you may chose from to further refer for production, where one of our team members will make assure before he transform the fabrics into printing/sublimation.

Please choose your desired color code from below

Panton 01 Panton 02 Panton 03 Panton 04 Panton 05 Panton 06 Panton 07 Panton 08 Panton 09 Panton 10 Panton 11 Panton 12 Panton 13 Panton 14 Panton 15 Panton 16